Resistance Art: Bronwynn ’21 and Maeve ’20

On July 25, 2020, Bronwynn Woodsworth ’21 and Maeve Atkinson joined Kgomotso Magagula ’21 for a live resistance guide and Q&A session. Both Bronwynn and Maeve expressed that art contributes significantly to social justice movements. Art allows for a visual representation of the frustration, anger and can proactively denote the motive behind social justice movements.Continue reading “Resistance Art: Bronwynn ’21 and Maeve ’20”

Reading Tools by Or Pansky ’20 and Kgomotso Magagula ’21

The exploration of some the themes in Land of Open Graves below aims to assist readers as they dive into Jason De León’s work. The engagement below has been adapted from notes for an Introduction to Anthropology Course. Hybrid Collectif  In the Land of Open Graves, Jason De León attempts to contextualize the complexity ofContinue reading “Reading Tools by Or Pansky ’20 and Kgomotso Magagula ’21”

A Villainous Nature: The Effect of American Policy on South-Border Immigration

A video with voiceovers of a collection of excerpts from Jason de León’s book The Land of Open Graves. The video shows a typical path traveled by migrants in the Sonoran Desert. They were put together as part of a presentation about the pedagogy of lived theology at the 2019 American Academy of Religion conferenceContinue reading “A Villainous Nature: The Effect of American Policy on South-Border Immigration”