Have you experienced Hostile Terrain 94 and feel drawn to get involved? Here are several ideas to learn about our local immigrant communities, engage with community members, and take action! 

Non-profit organizations are mission-driven, with stated values that guide their work and efforts. Their incorporation as an organization also directs how they can be funded. Organizations can be federally funded or directed to disburse governmental funds, community and volunteer-driven, or funded by donations and grants. It is important to avoid essentializing immigrant communities, given the diversity of communities and their needs. Thus, we have included a variety of organizations working in legal issues, economic development, education, policy development and community organizing. 
We invite you to research and get involved! This is not an exhaustive list but is meant to be representative of the types of opportunities for involvement and engagement that exist. Know of something we missed? Email to share your ideas.

On Campus

Northfield and Rice County

Twin Cities

“I’m a part of this group because of the importance of the issue of the perilous journeys many take to come to the U.S. and the stories of suffering and death that too often are key aspects of these stories. Most people attempting to cross the border are fleeing violence, persecution, and economic hardship, and these are pressing issues of concern for all of us who are U.S. citizens, and citizens of the world. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Lutheran body with which St. Olaf is affiliated, voted in summer 2019 to become a sanctuary church, offering refuge to those crossing into the U.S. fleeing violence and hardship. To be educated and actively engaged in these issues today is part of what love of neighbor (a key Lutheran value) looks like in 2020. HT94 educates us about what some of our neighbors today looks like.”

Deanna Thompson