On campus

Below are directions towards initiatives by students and various departments concerned with migration, migrant histories and realities. A helpful starting point is to read St. Olaf’s land acknowledgment on the History and Heritage page. Consider where and how our campus’ borders have been built on Indigenous lands and how this place has been “hostile terrain” for different groups of people at different times. Discuss with peers how we can better conduct honest storytelling about our history at St. Olaf. Research St. Olaf’s policies and support for DACA students and provide recommendations to administration, faculty, and peers for ways to further support DACA students.

Student Organizations

Join forces with fellow students such as:

Courses that thematically tie into the mission and goals of HT94

  • Fall 2020
    • EDUC 293: Refugee and Immigrant Experiences in Faribault, MN
    • EDUC 374: Ethics of Refugee and Immigrant Education
    • ENGL 251: Major Chicano/a Authors
    • LAMST 333: Contemporary Latin American Issues
    • PSCI 117: Politics and Human Rights
    • PSCI 370: Courageous Resistance
    • RACE 121: Intro to Race and Ethnic Studies
    • REL 232: Multiculturalism and Beloved Community
    • SOAN 262: Global Interdependence
    • SPAN 232: Latinx Experiences in the US
  • Interim 2021
    • ENGL 214: Exploring U.S.-Mexico Borderlands (off-campus)
    • MUSIC 346: Somali Music and Dance Research
    • PSCI 244: Race and Politics
    • REL 231: Religion at the US-Mexico Border
    • SWRK 122: Global Challenges 
    • SPAN 232: Latinx Experiences in the US 
  • Spring 2021
    • HIST 270: Immigration in America
    • PSCI 350: Immigration/Citizenship
    • RACE 252: Chicanx Studies
    • SWRK 258: Social Policy
    • SPAN 232: Latinx Experiences in the US

Past CURI Experiences

Study Abroad Programs

  • HECUA Community Internships in Latin America
  • HECUA Inequality in America: Policy, Community, and the Politics of Empowerment
  • HECUA Social and Political Transformation in Ecuador (Interim only)
  • CGEE Social Change in Central America: Exploring Peace, Justice, and Community Engagement
  • CGEE Social Work in a Latin American Context